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Positive Pay

You keep up with the checks you issue. We’ll help you double-check what’s presented for payment.

You can never be too careful with your company’s funds. We’re here to help you prevent fraud and protect your money with positive pay. It’s an extra step in fraud prevention that doesn’t take much time, but can give you so much peace of mind.

Positive pay allows you to examine items presented for payment on a daily basis, then compare them online against your issued check file. This provides your business with an easy way to minimize fraud potential on checks.

You can identify each exception item and then have the option of paying it or returning it as fraud, before the item impacts your checking account balance.

A Day with Positive Pay

8 am – If any previous-day checks posted to your business account don’t match items in the issued check file, an email notification is sent to you immediately, requesting a review of checks by 10:30 am.

10:30 am – As a further precaution, if you have not yet reviewed the checks via business online banking, an email notification reminder is sent to you.

12:00 pm – If you choose not to review unmatched items, for your convenience, checks no longer remain available for review and will be paid automatically.

Positive pay is available Monday – Friday, excluding federal holidays.

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