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Make sure we have your latest contact information

Nothing is more important than our ability to get a hold of you immediately when fraud happens.

  • Do we have a phone number where we can always reach you?
  • Is your address updated, especially if you’ve moved?
  • Have you changed emails or added one?
  • Did you drop your landline in favor of a cell phone?

You can update your information by visiting your local banking office, calling our Customer Care Center at 740-349-8633 or starting a live chat on this website. The latter two options are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Stay on top of your accounts

You can sign up for automatic security alerts via text, email or through our mobile app that tell you when certain activity occurs on your accounts, such as when your online banking password changes, when your account has been logged into or your ID has been locked out. You also can receive account balance and transaction alerts that can quickly warn you of fraud.

Log in to online banking to enroll in email or text alerts or sign in to the mobile app to activate push notifications on your smartphone. In both instances, you will then register your phone or email and choose the alerts you wish to receive. For credit card alerts, visit to register.

Contact us immediately if something doesn’t look right. Anything. The quicker you act, the greater the possibility we can mitigate the fraud.

Also, check your statements regularly. You can wait for your monthly statement in the mail or view it through our website’s online banking feature. And here’s a fraud tip: When you use your debit card for a credit transaction, it provides a more detailed description on your bank statement, making it easier to track your purchases monthly.

Don’t forget, you can go to and receive a free credit report from all three reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – to ensure there is no suspicious activity or accounts you don’t recognize. It’s recommended you stagger getting the reports every four months so you can have an ongoing picture of your credit profile.

Use the mobile app when you travel

We love that you’re going to new places or visiting old favorites. Using the mobile app, you can set up a transaction radius anywhere in the world of between 5 and 500 miles so we know your card is being used where you say you are. You also have the option to turn off the card for international use. The settings only work for in-person transactions; Internet purchases won’t be blocked. If you don’t use the mobile app, just let us know you’re traveling ahead of time so out-of-town purchases don’t cause alarm while you’re on the road or overseas. Simply call our Customer Care Center at 740-349-8633 or start a live webchat when you start packing.

File an identity theft report

If you think you’ve been the victim of identity theft, the Federal Trade Commission offers a one-stop resource at to report the theft and recover your identity. You will answer a series of questions, and the site will create a personal recovery plan, an Identity Theft Report to act as your official statement about the crime and pre-filled letters to send to merchants, banks and others affected by the theft.

You can learn more about this reporting feature at the FTC’s blog post. To learn more about identity theft, visit US-CERT’s tip on Preventing and Responding to Identity Theft.

More debit card tools now available

You can set up new Visa debit card controls in our mobile app that will give you a quick-response option to fight potential fraud. You can get instant alerts when your card is used or if a transaction is declined. Also, if you lose or misplace your debit card, you can quickly turn it off in the app, then turn it back on if it’s found.

These controls are a convenient way to help you manage fraud. With the mobile app, you also can:

  • Set a dollar amount and receive a notification when the card is used to purchase that amount or greater.
  • Set a transaction radius, so the card can’t be used outside of your designated geographical area.
  • Block card usage from certain merchant categories (such as entertainment, travel or contracted services), which allows you to set limits on the types of goods or services others who use the card can purchase.