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Your protection is our first order of business

When you feel safe banking with us, we know we’re doing our job to protect your identity and your money. We use the best technology – and continually update it – to stay ahead of the fraudsters, who are relentless in trying to make you a victim. We’re vigilant in monitoring your account information and transactions and we let you know right away when anything looks suspicious.

On alert, all the time

We don’t take days – or even minutes – off when it comes to your security. Our fraud monitoring system works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year, looking for patterns of behavior in your debit, credit card and bill pay usage to see if a transaction seems out of place. We can potentially stop the fraud before it occurs and then keep it from reoccurring. Our fraud specialists work with you directly to solve any issues when fraud is detected.

Provide the latest technology

Our Visa credit and debit cards use the new EMV smart chip, so when you insert your card into the machine (not swipe or use online), hackers cannot steal your card info through the merchant and create a counterfeit card.

Act swiftly to alert you

When a transaction raises a red flag, our automated fraud verification system immediately calls you from 877-253-8964 for transactions on your debit card. There is no dedicated number that calls you when fraud is detected on your credit card. So if you have any concerns about the call, hang up and dial the number on the back of your credit card. Our credit cards also offer an additional layer of protection with instant text or email fraud alerts, and soon our debit card will too. Make certain your contact information is up to date so you never miss an alert. Any text or email alert on your credit card will include the last four digits of your card’s number.

Log in to online banking to enroll in email or text alerts or sign in to the mobile app to activate push notifications on your smartphone. In both instances, you will then register your phone or email and choose the alerts you wish to receive. For credit card alerts, including purchase alerts, visit to register.

Give you immediate access, to your accounts and us

When you use online banking or our mobile app, you have all-the-time access to your accounts so you can see if anything is out of the ordinary. If you ever have a question or concern, contact our Customer Care Center at Park National Bank or start a live chat on this website. Both are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ensure you’re not responsible for unauthorized charges or withdrawals

You’re never out the money fraudsters take from you. Visa’s Zero Liability Policy protects your credit card and your debit card when it’s used as a credit transaction and true fraud has been identified. If your debit card and PIN are used to steal directly from your account, the bank will issue a transaction dispute and replenish your account’s funds within five days. Be sure to report a lost or stolen card or a suspicious transaction right away.